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Justin Soule'-starting 3rd year with SHR

Justin is out of Nevada but spends much of his time in CA. He is passionate about racing and about life! Always in a good mood and always ready to tackle anything with his revved up personality. He is a Pro rider in the WORCS series. He earned #6 in his first Pro season and he earned #5 in 2008. He is on the Factory KTM team.

Kale Stately-starting 2nd year with SHR

Kale is from Arizona and has one of the smoothest riding styles I have ever seen. He never seems to be in the wrong position on the bike, very natural. He is a strong contender in the WORCS series in the Pro 2 class. He is a hard worker and dedicated to achieve his dreams.


Nate Kanney-4 years with SHR

Nate is also from upstate NY and is one of the first riders I started mentoring, coaching, and training when I stepped back from racing full time. He has an unbelievable drive to become the best rider he can be. His work ethic and steadfastness is very fun to work with. He also is one of the fastest and most talented riders I have ever seen on a motorcycle. He races in the Pro class in the GNCC series for the Factory KTM team. He won the last 2 races he did (the Ironman GNCC, and the JNCC in Japan) he will be gearing up to go after the 2009 season with a vengence!

Taylor Robert-4 years with SHR

Taylor is from Arizona and is one of the hottest riders coming up in the WORCS series in the Pro class for 2009. After winning both the '08-Pro 2 WORCS Championship and the '08-250F A Championship, Taylor raced the last race in the Pro class (his first Pro race) and achieved an incredible 3rd overall behind championship contenders Bobby Bonds and Ricky Dietrich. Taylor is driven to be the best and is always willing to do what ever it takes to get him to the top. He is extremely fast and yet very smart and calculated, a very good combination.

Kyle Summers-starting with SHR

Kyle is from Colorado and is cool and calm in life, but fast on a bike! He has a very natural style and is always ready to learn and try to advance his riding and training. He is looking to have an awesome season in 2009 on the powerful new Valli Motorsprts team (racing Honda's). He has already turned many heads in the outdoor Nationals coming in 11th in the stacked 450 class at one of the races in 2008.


Kailub Russell-1 year with SHR

Kailub is from Ohio and spends much of his time in NC. He is super smooth and fast in all types of terrain. He just finished his first full season in the XC 2 class at the GNCC's and earned 2 overall wins (KY and IN) and earned #3 in points. He will be getting support from KTM again in 2009 and looks to have an even stronger season. He will be hard at work in the off-season.

Ryan Sipes

Ryan is a great guy out of Kentucky. My wife Denise and I are just starting to work with him in the area of mental focus. He is an extremely talented rider and is going to be strong this year in the West Coast SX and in the outdoor Nationals. He rides for the KTM/MDK team and will be #31 for 2009.

Here is a cool interview Ryan did:


Lee Rowland

Lee is from SC and just joined SHR last April. He is a hard working rider that has come through the 200 B class in GNCC's. He is eager and ready for the challenge into the 250 A (4 stroke class for 2009 GNCC's) He is improving daily and is really charging into developing the winning recipe. We welcome Lee to his second year with us!




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