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Hi Pro riders this is Steve Hatch and thanks for checking out my Pro training products. I have put together a combination of things that I used day in and day out to advance my riding and racing skills. What is really important at the Pro level is to focus on three things that I have all of my riders do to become faster and win races!

1 - Work on fundamentals – which is exactly what my on-line video training is all about, a simplistic way to enhance your riding that has proven winning results.

2- Work on endurance - longer rides that are a lot of time on the bike.

3 - Speed work - focuses on how to be at your fastest for each race . This is all done with a stop watch and has you going at race speed because this is going to be the last thing the mind and body remember.

All three are essential because they focus your attention on doing the right things and doing them at the right time so you improve each time your ride. Combined with the right physical and mental preparation you are set up for success at the next race

For the Pro level I have 3 different products that will help you become the best!

1 - The SHR Factory Training Program - This is a 1 year program (also ask about 3 month or 6 month programs) limited to 10 riders. I have had the privilege of working with great riders like Taylor Robert, Ryan Sipes, Nate Kanney, Kailub Russell, Justin Soule’ and many more.

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2 - The SHR “Chiseled into a Champion” Program - Designed to enhance your racing immediately. Come to Arizona and spend 5 days with me learning everything that I used to be one of the best riders for over 18 years as a factory Pro rider. In this intensive program you will learn better riding techniques, how to strategize a race, how to improve physical conditioning (upper body, lower body, core and cardiovascular), mental programming to win, nutrition to help you eat to win, how to overcome an injury, how to get sponsors and more!

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3 - The SHR video training membership – This program has all the video techniques in a simple to advanced learning structure, and written documents that will help you win races. These are all important aspects that are in my on-line training that will improve your race results. Success at the races is always all about who has done their homework the best that wins consistently.

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4 - Boot Camps - The SHR boot camps are made to jump start your training season to allow you to achieve your goals in the upcoming races. These will be 3 to 5 days in length (in Arizona in the winter time and in NY in the summer time) and they will be about getting in shape with some proven off-season training. We will focus on riding, cardio, strength, flexibility, and the mental preparation to put it all together when it counts. Please check the upcoming dates in the clinics section and more details on the boot camps.

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