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Best news is that being a Beginner rider you will not have to unlearn any bad habits. You are sponges to new information and lessons as you just learn it once, and can advance very quickly. Getting the solid fundamentals is what most riders’ lack (most didn’t have the opportunity to learn from anyone that had it systemized to teach you how to improve each time you ride) Most Beginners just ride; they don’t focus on technique to advance quickly, the old trial and error theory. You will be excited the first time that you climb that rocky hill, go down a deep rutted trail without dabbing your foot, and learn how to use the controls correctly to avoid stalling or tipping over. Being a sponge to absorb the correct techniques early is key to taking years (and possibly less crashes) which should make you a better rider in days not years.

Here are the 3 suggested products for Beginner riders:

1 - On-line Video Training - My on-line training will help see and learn each key skill that will help you ride better, safer, and faster and take on the most challenging track or trails. You will sharpen all of your riding skills, make fewer mistakes and have more confidence. You will be able to handle any trail ride or race and hold your own. This on-line training is a great way to help enhance your riding to make the leap up to the next level. From my experience learning these skills individually then practicing them out on the track or trail will quickly elevate your riding skills and have you wanting more.

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2 - DVD’s - These are the on-line membership videos (riding videos- 1 to 40) that are built into the DVD’s incase a rider does not have access to a computer that can play the on-line videos (because they don’t have high speed internet) or they are already a member and want another copy of the lessons on DVD to watch prior to a race or a ride while at the race (maybe in there RV or hotel)

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3 - Clinics - These are structured to allow you to advance your skills with more information on key riding techniques that we need to continue to make more precise. The goal will be to take your riding skills and turn them into more perfection with my systematic teaching approach-enhancing the ability to accelerate, brake and turn which is 90% of all of our riding.

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